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Chinese Fisherman Statue

For thousands of years, the coastal residents of Guangdong have made their living by fishing, and the habits of the fishermen, their production techniques and experience, the marine climate and meteorology, the habits and distribution of fish stocks, the risks of operating at sea, etc. have accumulated over a long period of time, resulting in a kind of culture, which comes from the fishermen as a group, and that’s why I call it the “fishermen’s culture”.

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Chinese Fisherman Statue 15
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Chinese Fisherman Statue 16
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Chinese Fisherman Statue 17

The sea gives the fishermen a bold, simple, hospitable character, to the fishermen’s home guests is a common thing, the fish is also an essential dish on the table, eat fish, usually the whole fish on the plate, after eating the fish on top of the fish to eat the bottom can not say “turn the fish over” and should say “turn the fish over! The fishermen think that the word “turn over” has the suspicion of capsizing the boat at sea. When fishermen celebrate New Year’s festivals or improve their lives during weekdays, they can’t do without making dumplings, which is a traditional Chinese custom, but what’s different is that when the wrapped dumplings are put into the pot, people can’t say “turn over” instead. Dumplings” and should say ‘boiled dumplings’, because the word ‘down’ has the suspicion of sinking into the sea, which is unlucky for the fishermen who work at sea all year round. When they say goodbye to their loved ones and set sail for a long journey, they usually say, “Going out to sea”, which means “going in and out in peace”.

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Chinese Fisherman Statue 18
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Chinese Fisherman Statue 19
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Chinese Fisherman Statue 20

Fishermen generally have less land, and the fuel for cooking is mainly coal, but fishermen usually call it “zazi” not “coal”, because “coal” and “bad luck” “bad luck” said, very unlucky, fishermen deal with the sea all year round, it is inevitable to have a mistake fall into the sea. Mold” word harmonics, there is ‘bad luck’ ‘bad luck’ said, very unlucky, fishermen deal with the sea all year round, it is inevitable that there is a lapse into the sea, or because of the sea’s temperamental occasional accidents. But after an accident on board, such as falling into the sea and drowning, people do not say the “sea” word, usually say: “overboard” because the sea has a flow, and all objects with the flow, that is, fishermen say “listen to the flow not to listen to the wind! “. Fishermen sitting on the boat when they go out to sea, are not allowed to sit on the boat and put their feet into the sea, it is said that this will be disrespectful to the Dragon King and the God of the Sea, to be retaliated against. At the same time, there is also the meaning of “preventing from being bitten by fish”. When fishermen eat, they have a habit of placing their chopsticks on top of the table after eating, instead of placing them horizontally on the bowl. This is because if you put them on the bowl horizontally, it is like a fisherman who has no choice but to put his oar on the boat when he encounters a big storm on the sea, drop the sails, lower the mast, and drift with the wind, letting the wind take him by the hand.

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Chinese Fisherman Statue 21
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Chinese Fisherman Statue 22
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Chinese Fisherman Statue 23
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Chinese Fisherman Statue 24

Fishermen see the fishing boat as their partner and are dependent on survival of the dependence, therefore, the fishermen love and care for it, and endow it with spirituality, the wooden fishing boat each boat a pair of protruding big fish eyes. After the new boat was built, only the eyes were painted, not the eyes. That is, the side is a big black eye, and the center is a big white circle, before launching, the owner of the boat asked to choose the auspicious day of the zodiac, when the gongs, drums, and whips.

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Chinese Fisherman Statue 25
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Chinese Fisherman Statue 26

Ancient fishermen mainly honor the Dragon King, Goddess of the Sea, God of Fortune three palaces, according to certain festivals on New Year’s Eve night or the first morning, fishermen to the Dragon King Temple, Goddess of the Sea Temple incense burning bowing, or to the beach to set up offerings, burning incense and paper, and ask for God’s blessing on a year of peace, fishermen’s family for the God of Fortune, the fishermen every time they go out to sea have to burn incense, which is in order to let the gods see, they believe that the rising incense smoke can be taken to the sky to bring them the wish of the gods, to bless them at sea to get rich. Bless them with wealth at sea, Laozi “Tao Te Ching” said “Taoism is born one, one life two, two born three, three born all things,” so Taoism is very revered “three” the number of, so they usually burn “three joss sticks of incense” before going out to sea! “.

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Chinese Fisherman Statue 27
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Chinese Fisherman Statue 28

After the reform and opening up, China’s marine fisheries successfully realized from being “fishing-based” “to raise the main” change and embarked on a stable development path, marine fisheries production has always accounted for China’s marine economy, production for 14 consecutive years. And, at present, maintain a better momentum of development. However, from the perspective of sustainable development, China’s marine fisheries development there are still a lot of problems, mainly in five areas: First, offshore fishing; Second, offshore eutrophication; Third, the lack of marine aquaculture species, aquaculture technology and management level urgently; Fourth, aquatic products processing and testing means backward, quality and safety issues; Fifth, the fisheries science and technology support system is not sufficiently sound, and insufficient investment.


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