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Our Story

In a city full of creativity and vitality, there is a factory specializing in sculpture, and at the heart of this place is Leo, a sculptor who graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts and who not only has an in-depth understanding of traditional sculpting techniques, but also has a passion for incorporating advanced technology into sculpture creation. This is a story about the combination of art and technology, and the symbiosis between personal growth and business development.

Leo’s education at the Academy of Fine Arts provided him with a solid foundation for his artistic career. His work demonstrates a keen sense of form and texture, which brought him to the attention of students and faculty while still in school.
Early success in the workplace

our story

Early success in the workplace

After graduation, Leo joined the sculptureshome family. With his skills honed in the academy and his unique understanding of materials, his sculptures were quickly welcomed by the market. His sculptures not only demonstrate excellent technique, but also reveal innovative design concepts. As a result, he soon gained a certain position in the domestic market. But it didn’t stop there.

The turning point of becoming a partner

As Leo’s work helped the factory attract a large number of customers and generate considerable revenue for the company, he soon became a partner. This change in status not only recognized his personal ability, but also his contribution to the factory.

Driver of technological innovation

As a partner, Leo began to actively explore the possibilities of applying modern technology to traditional sculpture. He introduced 3D printing technology, combining this innovative means with traditional sculpture techniques, bringing new life to the factory’s product line.

Under Leo’s impetus, the Factory’s sculptures began to take on a unique style – the delicacy and depth of traditional sculpture, but also the novelty and efficiency brought by modern technology. This fusion of styles made the factory’s works more popular in the market.

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