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The Beauty of Buddha’s Hand: Chinese Buddha’s Hand Statue

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The Beauty of Buddha's Hand: Chinese Buddha's Hand Statue 15
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The Beauty of Buddha's Hand: Chinese Buddha's Hand Statue 16

For the Buddha’s hands, Chinese painting methods of modeling and mood creation are perfectly integrated, which makes the beauty of the hands unique, transcendent, and ethereal. It is through these unique methods of expression that the Buddhist’s pursuit of perfection and enlightenment is revealed in a seamless manner. The significance of Buddha’s hand in the statue of Buddha can be equal to the Buddha’s head, which is equivalent to the Buddhist sign language, complex combinations and gestures to express many different meanings, through the evolution of successive dynasties slowly formed Buddhist cultural symbols, collectively referred to as the handprints.

When we appreciate the perfect hand carving in the ancient Greek and Roman times, we can feel the blood flowing in it, and even feel that it is a living body with temperature, and when you look at a Chinese Buddha’s hand, you will be able to obtain a perfect state of mind, as well as transcendence and peace, which is exactly the Buddhist Dharma happiness, especially after more than a thousand years of baptism of time, they exude a kind of pallor and empty silence. This is exactly the Buddha’s feeling of dharma happiness, especially after thousands of years, they emit a kind of pale and empty atmosphere. Although the Buddha’s hand is only a small part of the statue of Buddha, from this perspective, it also contains the thoughts of Buddhists and silently conveys the grandeur of the Buddha’s teachings and the beauty of the Pure Land.


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