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Custom Animal Sculpture Factoy

At sculptureshome, we have produced large quantities of animal statues in a variety of styles, including animal sculptures in a variety of materials such as resin, bronze, iron, stone, fiberglass, and more. Our passion for art and attention to detail allows us to create one-of-a-kind pieces that capture the spirit and beauty of wildlife. Whether you’re decorating a garden, park, or interior space, our customized sculptures can be an attractive focal point that reflects your style.

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The image of animals is very rich, with a large number of lions, unicorns, dragons and turtles, cows, horses, and other different animal images. The sculpture is realistic and vivid.

Sculpture materials

The use of sculpture materials is more extensive. Bronze, gold, silver, lead, pottery, jade, stone, teeth, bone, wood, and other different materials have their strengths, and there is a tendency to use a combination of materials; the manufacturing process of various materials has new developments, such as the bronze process of casting, welding, and other technology development, the application of the lost wax method, wrong gold and silver inlaid technology in vogue, so that the work of the production of the competition for the strange and exquisite, in bronze, jade, and lacquer wood sculpture is particularly prominent.

Decorative and practical

Since Chinese animal sculpture originated from arts and crafts, most of the animal sculpture works have strong decorative and practicality; focus on the animal form carving, and add color to the statue, the combination of sculpture and painting, complement each other, so that the works have the same sense of aesthetics and appreciation of the value of the paintings; focus on the shape of the spirit, with the language of the animal sculpture, the expression of a high degree of imagery beauty.

The significance of the animal sculpture

Animals are a part of our world, and as time continues to pass and stories and experiences about animals have been told from ancient times to the present day, all kinds of animals have completely different psychological feelings in people’s hearts.

First of all, it is the psychological effect that the animal itself gives to people. For example, the lion, people think of the lion first thought of the beast, fierce! So the lion sculpture in parks and gardens and other public places in use of less, in time to use, but also to show the lion’s gentle, lovely side. This is the animal sculpture in the environmental applications must pay attention to the first problem: the animal itself to the psychological effect.

Then people through the animal’s various special effects associated with some of the imagery. Still say the lion, some friends see the lion thought of strength, speed, power and so on. The lion sculpture also implies strength, power, and other flavors, so the lion sculpture is very widely used, such as the ancient government offices, modern society in the mansion, and so on. This is the second issue we need to pay attention to: the potential meaning of animal sculpture.

Then there are cultural traditions and other factors that give a special meaning. Or say lion sculpture, in the Chinese cultural tradition, the lion can tend to good luck and avoid bad luck, and is the god of the door. Therefore, we need to consider the third factor: animal sculpture has a specific meaning.

To sum up, animal sculpture cannot casually be used, we need to combine the environment, combined with the user’s various psychological effects to deal with. For example, in the children’s play in the park, the installation of monkeys, horses, sheep, deer, rabbits, and other animal sculptures; in the government units installed at the gate of the lion sculpture; in the temple using the dragon sculpture, etc. ……

Who is the famous sculptor of animals?
Nick Bibby is the world’s most famous art sculptor. Born in 1960,  Nick Bibby is a passionate nature lover and has been sculpting since the age of sixteen.
After working as a chief design consultant for a French art company, he returned to his first love of nature in 1991 and began working in bronze sculpture, his first work, a kingfisher, was so popular that it sold out within a week. His work is characterized by attention to detail and delicacy, from which natural textures, dynamics, personality, and the artist’s unique sensitivity to the natural world flow.

What is an animal figurine called?
Animal statues, sometimes called animal 3D figures, are statues depicting animals. These are some of the most collectible items and are often used as decorations or even toys. Specifically, animal statues are figurines that have animals as their central theme.